Surely you have at least noticed and hopefully enjoyed using the outdoor dining tent facilities placed throughout Zelienople this summer! In June, ZABA with the support and generous financial assistance of the Zelienople Borough, facilitated these three outdoor dining locations in an effort to help drive support back to our business community by providing additional public use seating for the restaurants to offer to take out customers while they were, and are continuing to, operate under capacity restrictions. The response has been overwhelming with feedback from the entire business community crediting this project as the catalyst for the ongoing resurgence of our business community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Zelienople Borough graciously offered to fund the project with an initial donation out of their annual budget but, unfortunately, that fund has run out. We are working closely with the borough in an attempt to extend this project through the end of October but, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The tents, tables and chairs are all being rented at an incredible discount from our friends at T&M Hardware and rental. We need to come up with $3000 to continue this project for the next couple of months. We are hopeful that, if you have used and enjoyed these spaces over the last three months, that you might consider donating something, ANYTHING, to help us keep this project going for a couple more months to continue to support our local businesses as long as we can. 

Every little bit will help and I can promise you, you have the gratitude of the Zelienople business community not only for your consideration of this project, but also for your continued support during what has been a stressful period of time for all of us. Zelienople is a vibrant and emerging community. Help us keep this resurgence out of the pandemic moving forward!

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December 3, 2020