Virtual Santa House

This seat won't be empty for long! Santa Claus is coming to...NIGHT! Beginning this evening, December 4th, Santa Claus will be available virtually via ZOOM. Starting at 6pm, click the link below where you will be placed into Santa's waiting room. In the order that you enter, you will be admitted one-by-one for a 5-minute virtual visit with Santa. In order to ensure that as many children as possible are able to visit with Santa, we ask that you please be respectful and sign off when Santa wraps up the visit. You must be in the queue by 15 minutes before the end time each day to be admitted and, depending on the size of the queue at that time, we may not be able to guarantee a visit for EVERYBODY who attempts to get in each day.

Don't forget, the mailbox at the Santa House is still available to drop off your letters to Santa. The schedule for this year's Virtual Santa Visits is as follows through December 23rd when Santa will need to make his final preparations:

Monday - Friday ; 6pm - 8pm
Saturday ; 1pm - 4pm
Sunday ; 5pm - 8pm

*Please note, we will make every effort to ensure that every child who wants to will have an opportunity to visit with Santa. Please be patient as we navigate this new process and if you aren't able to get in one day, please try back. Additionally, Santa will not be available for in-person visits at all this year. Please do not congregate outside the Santa House as we are not permitted to allow anyone into the house.

*As we will not be able to sell photographs or collect donations in person this year, please consider clicking the Donate link below to help defray the costs of this feature each year. Thank you for your consideration.